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جامع ترین فروشگاه منابع انگلیسیآموزش زبان با پیامکآموزش برنامه نویسیبرنامه اندروید آموزش زباندوره ی تصویری آموزش اسلنگ

مکالمات انگلیسی – سطح پیشرفته درس 7


مکالمات انگلیسی – سطح پیشرفته درس 7

در این پست درس هفتم از سطح پیشرفته ی سری مکالمات انگلیسی را برای شما قرار داده ایم. برای دیدن متن مکالمه، گوش دادن به فایل صوتی و دانلود فایل PDF مکالمه به ادامه ی مطلب بروید.


We are in at last. I

Barbara: Oh!! Thank heaven, we’re in at last.

Harry: What a relief that everything went so smoothly.

Barbara: I’m so glad that all the furniture moving’s over. Usually something gets broken, but this time everything seems to be intact.

Harry: I know. It’s comforting to see our own things around us again, isn’t it? In a new house it gives a sense of continuity.

Barbara: Yes. Look at that bookcase. It’s not very beautiful but it’s a kind of symbol.

Harry: The other furniture has memories too. Ah!! Yes, it’s good to be installed at last. After all those complications, I feel a weight’s been lifted from my shoulders.

Barbara: The colors have come out very well. I thought the painters were going to get them all wrong.

Harry: You always worry too much.


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