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جامع ترین فروشگاه منابع انگلیسیآموزش زبان با پیامکآموزش برنامه نویسیبرنامه اندروید آموزش زباندوره ی تصویری آموزش اسلنگ

نحوه ی نوشتن نامه ی غیر رسمی


بدون شک مهارت نوشتاری یکی از مهارت های مهم در یادگیری زبان است. نوشتن نامه های رسمی و غیررسمی نیز موضوعی ست که اهمیت آن بر کسی پوشیده نیست. از این رو در این پست نحوه ی نوشتن نامه های غیر رسمی را فرا می گیرید. برای دیدن مطالب و دانلود نامه های نمونه به ادامه ی مطلب بروید.


دانلود نامه های نمونه

An Informal Letter Format:

  • Include the writer’s address and date in the upper right hand corner. The date can be written in different forms (7th September 2009, 7 SEPTEMBER 2009, 7.9.2009). You need not leave a line between the address and date although this is a common practice when written an informal letter.

14, Jalan Selta Muri 15,
Taman Selta Munni,
48000 Ampang, Selangs,
18th September 2013

  •  Use the most common salutation. Begin with a capital letter. Use a comma after the salutation.
Dear Winnie,
  • Paragraph1: Include formalities; give reason for writing the letter.
Dear Winnie,
How are you? I hope you are fine. I have just recovered from damage fever. Luckily my recovery was speddy due to my mother’s tender loving care.
  • Paragraph 2 onwards: Depends on the reason for writing the letter. If you r reason is to tell the recipient about you holiday, then you will include details of the holiday.
I am writing this letter to inform you that I recently met up with our ex-classmates from SRK ambang Blar.
  • The last paragraph: You can give a reason why you have to stop writing:
I have to stop writing here. I need to study fro a History quiz tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing you during the coming school holidays.
  • Include a suitable complimentary close. A comma should be used after the complimentary close. Do not use “Regards” as it is considered slightly more formal and distant.
Your friend,
Language Used:
  • Openings
Thanks for your letter.
It was great to get your letter.
I’m writing to ask you a favor.
Sorry for not writing for so long.
Thank you for your letter which I received yesterday.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear from you.
It was wonderful to hear from you after so long.
Thank you for your letter. I was pleased to hear that you are in good health.
It was really nice hearing from you. I am glad that you like your new school.
I hope this letter finds you in the pink (of health).
Thank you for the lovely birthday card.
  • Signalling the end
I must go now.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
I’ll finish now as I’m running out of space.
Bye for now.
I´d better get going.
  • Letter closings
Hope to hear from you soon,
Best wishes,
I promise to write to you soon.
I hope you will reply soon.
Give my best wishes to your parents.
I am looking forward to seeing you.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Do write and tell me how you are progressing.
Do write soon.
  • Tips
Do not use slang words
Do not use words which are in a language other than English. This means you cannot write Dear Abah, or Dear Amma even if that is how you address your parents.
Do not sign off with Love and Kisses. Keep that for your personal letters.

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    Morteza Giti پاسخ در تاريخ دی 1ام, 1392 3:32 ق.ظ:

    سلام مرسی دوست عزیز.


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    سلام. بسیار عالی بود. ممنون


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